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The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was officially founded at the International Pistol Conference held in Columbia, Missouri, in May 1976. The promotion of accuracy, power, and speed as three equal elements was the prime objective of the Conference along with procedures and rules for safe gun handling. A constitution was established and the Confederation was born. The origins of practical shooting were developed and the motto - DVC - Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (Accuracy, Power, Speed) was introduced to reflect this balanced objective.

Today, the International Practical Shooting Confederation is promoted in more than sixty countries (called Regions) from Argentina to Zimbabwe. In practical shooting, the competitor must try to blend accuracy, power, and speed, into a winning combination. Multiple targets, moving targets, targets that react when hit, penalty carrying targets mixed-in, or even partially covering shoot targets, obstacles, movement, competitive tactics, and, in general, any other relevant difficulty the course designer can dream up all combine to keep the competitors enthusiastic and the spectators entertained.

Although the roots are martial in origin, the sport matured from these beginnings, just as karate, fencing, or archery developed from their origins. Now, IPSC shooting is an international sport, emphasizing safety and safe gun handling, accuracy, power, and speed, in major competitions around the globe. The crowning glory for practical shooting is to become the IPSC World Champion. IPSC shooters in the US are governed by our own sactioning body known as USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Assosciation) which sponsors it's own set of National Championship matches each year.

For more information contact John Heiter at John@TeamMagnolia.Com.

IPSC matches are held on the 1st Sunday of every month. Setup begins at 7:30 and shooting begins at 9:00.


John Heiter

Vice President / Treasurer

Jeff Carey


Pat DeBerry / Mike McArthur


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