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June 2003

Good Luck:
    We wish good luck and safe travelling for the TeamMagnolia members who will be attending major matches from Area 4 to the Factory Gun Nationals in the coming weeks. Good luck to our 4H shooters as well.

Upcoming Matches:

    Due to summer heat, next month's match (July 6th) will be a standard four stage only match. We are planning to hold a special classifier match on August 3rd (pending section approval) consisting of four USPSA approved classification stages. Classifier matches are a great way for new shooters to get classified before the State Match in October and provide an opportunity for more seasoned shooters to move up or get classified in a new division. Please make plans to attend.

Bad Pizza, Good Company:

    After TeamMagnolia local matches, a small group of "regulars" usually head out to a local restaurant (typically Pizza Hut in Byram) to wind down, discuss the day's match, and enjoy some "shooter fellowship". If you weren't invited, please don't get your feelings hurt. I can assure you it wasn't because we didn't want you there, it's just that we're a bunch of rude and heartless jerks who don't think to invite everyone. Since it's highly unlikely that our manners will improve before next match, please make it a point to join us if you have the time. All shooters are welcome.

Thanks to Everyone:

    Thanks to everyone who attended this month's match and especially to those who worked so hard designing, setting up, and finally tearing down stages. We see over and over again that IPSC club's only work as a group effort and we've got a great group going. See you next month.


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